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In 2002, the Linux kernel team adopted BitKeeper.None at the time had the performance or the features that would suit the kernel development team.

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only occasional flame skirmishes erupting here and there. And yes, there are other ways to do these same things with more theoretical purity or whatever, but I've come to

these steps through trial and error and lots of swearing and table flipping, and I had this crazy idea to share them with. That doesn't solve every possible problem, but it does help because then merging is at the "merging my changes" level instead of the "merging the whole project" level. I use reflog A LOT. The right thing to do in this case is to either merge your code with a git pull or to rebase your code onto the head with git pull -rebase, or to use any number of other similar techniques. You cant exactly diff an icon to see that one person drew a mustache on it and another person turned the background green. I and a friend of mine started to use git recently and now work on a project. But in the git pull all the work that has been done is merged on the developer's machine. The first is to rebase commits (locally) so you put your commits as clean commits on top of head, on top of what other people have been doing, resulting in a fast-forward merge, which doesn't have all the merging going. Edit : The bottom line years later: Use the (Github's) Pull Request methodology, with a responsible person doing the pulls. Your commit history looks like this: Now, someone else does more work that includes a merge, and pushes that work to the central server. That is, the code lived on the network somewhere. If the developer does not push back a good merge, or alters the merge in some way, then pushes it back, then the altered world that they push back becomes everybody else's head. For his commit, he unchecked all the other files changes that he was not involved in, committed the results and pushed the commit. File under (yes, this is a feature, not a bug, but it's baffling and non-obvious the first time it happens to you!). Now I fucked something up with pulling and fetching and now I am stuck in something (is it a branch?!). There is also usually some way to split a project into different parts. If a contribution comes in on a pull request that isn't rebased on top of head as a single commit, the maintainer can clean it up before committing. When it is time, you push your changes up to the remote and it gets merged with other peoples changes. Git checkout name-of-the-correct-branch # grab the last commit to master git cherry-pick master # delete it from master git checkout master git reset head -hard git diff -staged. There's (usually) an authoritative repository, but it's really fundamentally just a peer repository that gets stuff sent. You fetch it and merge the new remote branch into your work, making your history look something like this: Next, the person who adding pushed the merged work decides to go back and rebase their work instead; they do a git push -force to overwrite the. Oh, did I mention I'm a huge fan of Git? So please, tell me, how can I solve those god damn conflicts, how can I add folders.gitignore (I added a folder called "jars" but some files of the folder still gets pushed) and HOW cascape this rebase?

And then when it comes time to watch sex school online free push. However, youapos, they do a git pull which by default tries to merge into their code everything thatapos. Mercurial was one and Git, many thanks and huge kudos to Marco Villegas marvil07 the Git wizard sex with a colleg girl who studied and helped me to understand what was going on in the Tortoise Git disaster. Everybody does work in their own repository. But this is about a million times faster.

How to delete a file from a Git repository, but not other users working copies.Suppose you have, by mistake, added your IDE s project folder (you know, these.idea folders with all kinds of local paths and configuration data and settings in it) to the Git repository of your project.

Ll write fucked about merge workflow master versus rebase workflow in another article there are times when a single developer may be in charge of and able to unintentionally break the entire codebase all at once. Throwing away other peopleapos, s the actual scenario that caused an enormous amount of hair pulling. BitMover the company behind BitKeeper added some gateways so that developers who wanted to use a different system could. Youll reintroduce all those rebased commits to the central server.

One user of Tortoise Git would do a pull, have a merge conflict, resolve the merge conflict, and then look carefully at his list of files to be committed back when he was committing the results.That is until 2005 when McVoys company announced it would discontinue the free version of BitKeeper.

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Disclaimer: I am not, nor do I even remotely claim to be, an expert at git.