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Me and the guys hold a quick conference, and agree to thank the girls by taking them out on the town tonight for dinner and drinks before coming back so they can spend the night with.I slowly push further in, making Jazz grunt.

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distance, I hear one of the twins moaning; shes saying Brents name over and over. They were staring at you more than either one of us as

it was. I get a funny feeling we werent the only ones talking about who we wanted to cozy up to, and that great minds must really think alike. Wed already had it planned out since the previous August that me, Brent, and Devin would go to Panama City Beach to blow off some steam. Our little posse has spread out, all of us at least thirty yards or so apart from each other. Just as Im sliding my head back into her womanhood, I glance at her ass hole. We tell her were from Georgia and are attending the same college. However, the end of Break came all too soon, and we had to return to our college while the girls went back to Arkansas. Listing: 1 2, related: Spring Break, Fetish, Public, Amateur, Party, Girl, Group Sex, Tits, Sex, Hardcore, Big Tits, Cute, Babe, College Girl, First Time, Fucking, Nudist, Lick, Flasher, Pussy, Brunette, 3some, Orgy, Beach, Ebony, Lesbian, Boobs, Home Made, Coed, Wild, Big Cock, Mature, Young, Teen. Jazz, Im about to blow, I whisper. As we say hello to the girls, everyone seems to move as though they rehearsed this encounter. Oh, Jazz, Im gonna cum, I groan. She whisper in my ear. I pull out of her ass and she lays down and rolls over, spreading her legs wide to accept me back into her pussy. Sure enough, all four girls are standing at the elevators, and they positively glow with welcoming smiles when we walk up to them. Boy, Scott, you done wore me the fuck out. I yell victoriously, giving one last thrust and holding myself all the way inside her as the first jet of cum breaks free from my cock. Ive never been buttfucked, she says. She goes limp in my arms. Her excitement tips her over the edge and she cums again, screaming. I duck into the bathroom and get some toilet tissue. When I nod, she continues, in a whisper as a couple of kids around the age of ten or so float by, Briannas gonna make him nut before we even get back up to the room. I grab her by the hair and pull her off and stand. Every now and then shell stop and grind back and forth, squeezing my cock as she does. Our neighbors on the northern section were all out on their balcony as well. She playfully nibbles on my earlobe as I slowly work my hand across her pussy lips and clit. Jazz is awake as I walk in, smiling dreamily up at the ceiling and rubbing her clit.

She rubs her butt side to hot side against. Sex stories, twitter, jazz, geez, lets wait till were back up at the rooms. Tumblr, her voice rising as I thrust as fast as I possibly can. I wrap my arms around Jazz and roll us over so Im on top. Im Scott, suddenly, ballbustingTube, an air of restlessness seemed to fill the room. Bang, then Brent and Devin introduce themselves just as the elevator arrives and we all pile in and head down to the lobby. And I thought pussies were tight. The twins both accost Brent whod been moving in their direction as I expected and I meet with the redhaired girl.

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But two personal orgasms along the way. She has not one, were cumming at the same time. What with Brent and Claire being over even if only for the moment. Wouldnt be the first time hes managed that. Partially because she cant take me as fast as I want to fuck her.

Additionally, Brent and Claire had a bad break up just before Christmas break.The other three girls get up from their chairs and lean on the railing, just like Red-haired girl, all of them looking at us with interest.Ive got no clue where either place is, but okay, Brent says, and everyone chuckles.

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In any case, all Jazz has to do is say no and I will pull out.