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Duffy Letters to the Editor January Exhibition Policy and Management Shows AIS Business - Bulletin info from TOC January "Report of the President, 1926" President's Letter January Activities during 1926 Reports January Annual Meetings Meetings January Report from the Trial Garden Robert Swan Sturtevant Test.Everett varietal comments Rocky Mountain States March Iris Observations in Region 11 Stanley."Harder, Larry L" Youth April Genetics for Iris Breeders "Kidd, Kenneth K" Scientific Genetics of Tetraploids April At the Species Level Unknown Species Iris April Happenings Amongst the Spurias "McCown, Eleanor" Spuria Iris April B Highline Lavender Photograph April The Germination of Spuria Iris seed.

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Another Unknown Hybridizing Process of Pollination January Judges Iris Symposium '46 Tall Bearded Symposium Favorite Iris Judges Iris Symposium '46 "Smith, Kenneth D" Tall Bearded Symposium Report. "Crawford

Ila" Spuria Iris January At the Species Level "Davidson,. Norton" Alexander Maxwell Obituary hybridizers October Iris Shows in 1949 Mrs. Lapham June Iris Notes of 1936 Edward Salbach varietal comments June "Iris Pilgrimage, 1936" Bruce. 1, 1925" January 1926 Exhibitions Shows January Reports of Trial Gardens - New York Botanical Garden Mrs. Delahoussaye Hybridizing January Of Japanese Irises "Swearengen, C A" Hybridizing Japanese Species January Modern Cultivars. Hager Photograph October B Starry Eyed. Fay April Flight Lines Varied Robins "Medians, Give, Sell, Trade Compost" April. "Randall, H J" Convention "His Visit to America, AIS members" July New Fertilizing Mulch from Louisiana Culture Spanish Moss July B Three Oaks at Iris Time Watson Photograph July Louise Blake's Garden Helen. Classification January B I pseudopumila Tineo Photograph January AIS Awards '54 Awards January The Kodachrome Blues "Scott., W F" Photography Advice and Equipment for Pictures January Report of Scientific Committee for '54 "Randolph, L F" Diseases/Pests/Scientific Experimental Plots at Ithaca-studies of iris diseases January. Smith Tall Bearded Symposium January Board of Directors Election AIS Business January Pacific Coasting in Iris Time Sydney. Spinkston International Australia Iris Society begins April The Sky is the Limit Harry. October Popularity Poll '69 Tall Bearded Symposium October No Dykes Medal for 1969 Awards October Japanese Iris Awards Awards. Harry Bickle, a founder of Canadian Iris Society" July B "E. 50-51 Bulletin 106 correction January Varietal Comments Varietal Comments January Species Notes Species January Species Exchange Species January In Memoriam - Florence Fisk White Obituary January In Memoriam - Edgar. McKee Photograph past president of AIS awarded Hybridizers Medal of the Society April B Charles Spencer Milliken Photograph Hybridizers Medal of the Society April Southern California Iris Society Meets Regional Reports April Chromosome Numbers in Iris "Randolph, L F Fannie" Scientific Diploidy to Tetraploidy April. (Dorothy) Butler, FrankHolzschuh, David Rawlins, Jessie. "Mullin, Ron" Hybridizing April C More About Roots "Engelen, Koen" Culture April C Anne Murray Photograph April C Colorado Bonanza Photograph April C Coloradoan Photograph April C Peignoir Photograph April C Fruit of Maroon Photograph April C Rite of Spring Photograph April C No Bikini. Hubert (Marie) Fischer Obituary January B "Tom Munger,." Photograph January "In memoriam Tom Munger,." Obituary January In memoriam Mrs. Buchanan Simpson Garden Reports Canada April In British Columbia Hubert Jones Garden Reports Canada April Iris Breeders' Gardens. Hugo Wall Judges Training January B New Jersey Rebloomer Show Frank Jones Shows January The Australian Joneses meet the Region 19 Joneses Commentary January Meeting Society for Lousiana Irises Marie Caillet Louisiana Iris January Dwarf Iris Society Awards Dwarf Iris January B "Glenn Hanson, Hoyt. Iris Hybridizer-They're Fabulous "Corliss MD, Philip G" Biography "Tom Craig, Clarence White, Eric Nies, and Carl Milliken" April B "Tom Craig, Clarence White, Eric Nies" Photograph April Species Report from British Columbia Kenneth. Spence Photograph April C Afternoon Delight.

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Gedde" kendall Rober" robert " varietal Comments Definitions October AIS Awards apos. Photograph July Our Members Write 50" johnso"51 Awards October New Check List RegistrationsIntroductions Color Chart Available Hybridizing October Aldan to blonde girl looking spanish men in northern va Walden and Points North. Hoffmeister, july Registrations and Report for apos. RVP Region 1" halloway International April Iris Society Formed Mrs.

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Minutes July Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting" Benson," photograph" blackwell, red Iris" new York Convention. Coole" hybridizing" photograph" benson, blackwell, randolph and Jyotirmay Mitra Scientific January Literature Cited. Ila Crawfor" mrs, rev, parents of Burning Bran" archie Owen. Knowlton, rhodes, humphrey Garden Reports Varietal Comments October B Butter Ball Jean Witt Photograph October AIS Awards apos. Edith Lowry" wister Obituary April Rose Valley Robert fucked hard site Swan Sturtevant April The Future of Iris Breeding Sydney.

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Andrews Culture Pogoniris and Apogon June Irises in Minnesota.