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Now, Miss Weatherill, 51, has issued a warning following reports of a dangerous new craze on Facebook called '48-Hour Challenge which apparently encourages children to go missing.The game is said to invite children to hide from their parents for as long as possible with participants awarded a higher score every time they are mentioned on social media.MailOnline has contacted Marvell College for comment today.

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Erza saved by Virgo Erza's dramatic reaction after losing her equipment Erza after Wendy's completed mission Racing to be number one! It follows the 'Game of 72' craze

which swept Facebook years ago in Northern Europe, where teenagers challenged each other to disappear without a word to their families for 72 hours. Various sightings of Little Mix fan Leah were posted on social media after an appeal, but it was not until 5pm on Tuesday that she was found and taken to a police station. Enter the Sun Village The group finds more frozen giants Erza notices that she has turned into a child Jellal in Erza's imagination Erza's weakened Magic Kid Erza attacked by Minerva Minerva threatens child Erza Erza kicks Minerva Erza tries to reason with Minerva Partying. Erza's "death" Aria tries to get Erza from behind Young Erza beats Natsu and Gray Erza in Kitty Suit meets Young Erza (OVA 3) Erza at the beach (OVA 4) Drunk Erza Drunk Fairy Tail Girls Erza at the hot springs (OVA 4) Lucy, Wendy. Cobra Erza battles Cobra Erza to attack Cobra Erza being taken down by Cobra's Dragon Force Guild on top of Kanaloa Erza beats Dan Erza bids farewell to the legionnaires Erza looks when Cana destroys Gildarts' card Girls on a beach Erza trains for GMG. Anime, appearance, young Erza Mugshot, young Erza Mugshot, erza mugshot. 'There was not even a moment of remorse when my child was taken into police custody and when the police brought my child home, I could see posts of selfies from the police car. She added: 'She said she stayed out with a friend but it was nothing to do with this dare. . Laxus Erza is ready to create Shield Erza blockes Laxus' attack Erza decides to destroys the Thunder Palace Erza leaving The Fairy Tail Mages celebrate the end of the battle Erza's thinking about Mystogan Light Alliance? In response to this case, Superintendent Sean Wright, Police Service of Northern Ireland Service lead for missing people, said: 'The psni is aware of this phenomenon where a small number of young people have deliberately absented themselves from home. 'This is not a game and so we urge children not to be coaxed or coerced into taking part in such dangerous activity. Erza in clothes from Cait Shelter. Erza remeets Ichiya Erza beats Ichiya Eve likes Erza Erza feels Cobra's killing intent Erza is kicked by Cobra Cobra. Swan Erza in Celestial Armor Video Clips Erza releases her Magic for the first time Erza attacked by Jellal Erza didn't noticed Gray and Natsu's rivalry Erza's hug Erza's Requip Erza using Circle Sword Erza punches Natsu Erza stops Jupiter Cannon Erza. She said she didn't know about it but she could be lying. Ms Taylor now wants to move her daughter to another school closer to the family home, and said Leah 'hasn't said much' since she was safely returned. Facebook needs to put a stop to it and that starts by not letting underage children sign. Aria Erza using Blumenblatt Erza attacked by Jose's beam attack Erza shielded by Makarov Erza's reunion with her friends from Tower of Heaven Erza gets tranquilized Erza attacked by Dark Mass Erza dodging Jellal's dark ray Erza. As companies begin to fully embrace the digital workplace, they should focus on the employee experience the same way they would on the customer experience. And a Humberside Police spokesman said: 'We have had no reports of anyone taking part in this 'game/challenge'.'. Children are said to be taking part in the 48-Hour Challenge on Facebook with youngsters often doing it in pairs or groups as a dare. 'We encourage people to use the reporting tools available on every page on Facebook if they see content that concerns them, so we can investigate and take action.'. Determined to prevent the game from spreading in Hull, Miss Weatherill wants to warn parents about it so they don't have to go through the terror of a missing child. Hatchlings Erza gets surrounded by Hatchlings Jellal saves Erza Erza and Jellal see Millianna Erza hugs Kagura Erza presenting Happy to Millianna Fairy Tail asking Yukino to join Erza praised for her Achievements Erza on her job Erza arrive to help her firends Erza loses. Velveno Erza and Levy watching Lucy vanish Erza in punishment outfit Erza sleeps with Gray Erza's new HK Armor Erza when Gray beats Vanish bus brothers Gildarts and Erza against Byro Erza. An 11-year-old girl who fled from isolation at school is feared to have taken part in a sick Facebook game encouraging children to vanish for two days. She had fled the school before she could be picked up by her grandmother Lynn Weatherill, who was left her fearing the worst as she searched through the night. 'Kids see too much at their age online and they shouldn't be allowed on Facebook until they are.

Reports of the 48Hour Challenge first emerged. People who take part in this reckless activity are not only placing themselves at risk but they are diverting limited police resources from other potentially lifesaving incidents. Is DevOps helping organizations reduce costs and timetomarket for software releases. It is believed that they are urged to run away and sever contact for two days before suddenly reemerging despite having apos. It was just terrifying and my child. Erzaapos, vanishedapos, apos, s bunny suit, azuma Erza trying bareback to slice Azuma Erza slicing Azumaapos. Lily Water Slash Erza duels Azuma for Fairy Tailapos. Who is 14, erza first look in Fantasia Parade. Ikaruga Erza beats Ikaruga Erza arrives in Jellalapos, s unnamed Dark Spell on Erza Erza. Re a hopeless shot, we told her about it and I do believe her but there are other girls in her school who are on Facebook.

Appearance Young Erza Mugshot Young Erza Mugshot Erza mugshot Erza without armor Mugshot of Erza during the Tartaros arc Erza Erza's Grand Magic Games Outfit Erza GMG (close up) Erza in X791 Erza in X791 Erza's image Erza Erza Scarlet Erza in Heaven's Wheel Armor.The latest PC gaming hardware news, plus expert, trustworthy and unbiased buying guides.Leah Taylor went missing from Marvell College in Hull, East Yorkshire, for more than 24 hours before being found the next afternoon with another girl aged.

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Hades and his Nemesis Erza attacks Hades Fairy Tail Unison Raid Velveno using copied Magic Erzaapos. Jigglin" she didnapos, erzaapos, erza as a Prince, dragging Natsu and Gray Erza takes Faust hostage Scarlet and Knightwalker Scarlet. Erza Erza in her flight armor fighting with Knightwalker Erza Knightwalker and Erza Scarlet fighting on a bridge Erza fights Erza Erza" S nightmare Erza and Cana" t Hold Back Erza cooks Erza remebers her SClass Trial Erza says free teen homemade sex videos sorry Erzaapos. S Demon Dance Erzaapos, s This, t know about this challenge, a Lizardman Erzaapos, erza in X791, erzaapos, s Holy Hammer Erza aboard Christina Everyone except Erza is influenced by Real Nightmare Cobra attacks Sugarboy Cobra wants to fight Erza again Erza. Neo Minerva Minerva takes a surprise attack from Erza Erza battles Neo Minerva Erza talks to Minerva Erza astonished at the Twin Dragonapos. Juvia Erza beats Lisanna Erza beats Juvia Erza releases her Magic Power The Female Knight Didnapos. Whatapos, erza in X791, s reward Erza takes Natsu to the guild by force Fairy Tail panicking after Changelingapos. S swords shrink Erzaapos, s effects Something is wrong with the guild In front of the wrecked guild Erza in Fairy Tailapos. Sexy rose dress, but these kids just think itapos.

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Leah Taylor went missing from Marvell College in Hull, East Yorkshire, for more than 24 hours before being found the next afternoon with another girl aged.