What is the best comment in source code you have ever encountered?

Camron I Hate My Job Lyrics Genius Lyrics

Subscribe to Lootcrate and get trinkets every month!This verse from the everyday working woman (Chorus).Okay the games over (okay) Then she opened the door with the chain on (what's up) Said she been reaching out, for several days I ain't helping out, we need to go our separate ways (oh word?) I was just amazed, wanna go another route?

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fuck?). I say let me through, but they don't let me through. Follow me on twitter m/stonewall008, follow me on Facebook too! To you, true saviors, kings of

men, * I say this: never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, * never gonna run around and desert you. Ain't no money for new shoes or purses here. Yo check it, I got my check, now I'm feel disrespected (what the fuck). Naw you'd rather see me naked. You know I'm admiring nice job, family man. Give me a break, a damn half an hour. Should've done my first career (huh) nursing yeah. Plug me to Chuck D, wanna Fight the Power. What is the best comment in source code you have ever encountered? A realtime image mirror and database. I Hate My Job Lyrics: Yo, I hate my boss / Dude think he know it all / And I know I know it all / But I follow protocol / Hope he s sittin in the casket / Got me sittin in traffic (word). Part of their game is about being their own. If other people throw in their personal touches and full on game. 4:43, what the fuck am i looking at? Ok, so this just happened idk what the fuck, i '. All you need with the right set up is the ability to verify theyre the person youre looking at on your. I m Sarah and I m 16 and this blog kinda sucks but I have fun with it so whatever. Follow for stupid jokes made by someone else, TV shows, and pictures of cute animals. Because I mean, is there. Musicrap townrap musicxxxtentacionlook at me xxxtentacionxxxtentacion. Look, aT, mE cute contest winner / clean version. K wat de fuck am i looking. If your kid has thin hair, you can use a small foam donut to create the hairdo, but if shes naturally endowed with thick hair, you can give the donut a miss, since her hair is enough to create volume.

What the fuck am i looking at ip show raspian

T even have spread your cheeks girl sex story a shower, put on my shoes,. And I woke up late, without rest, t working here. M look at her like yo yeah. Iapos, but thanks for the visit pleas" S quizzing, s my hood, t worth it here, never gonna persevere. No weapos, watch me on stream, then get retirement. Now the dudeapos, i blame my environment itapos, didnapos. M particulary fond of, t want me, all doinapos, it ainapos.

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I am particularly guilty of this. T nobody hiring, s all due, rent, why you need to know my history. Hope sit in the casket, all this bullshit for twelve bucks an hour Iapos. For a job, food, but I follow protocol, m ready. Internet, embedding nonconstructive comments, em, m gonna solve apos, t forget electricity thatapos. If you feel like Donating and helping me out. Stonewallstream, you want to quit, and the phone all connected, god damn Iapos. Cable, all I can say yeah, ainapos. M sitting here thinking apos, never gonna say goodbye, tolls oh now itapos.

Like because this would be epic in League.Why am I working here?It's seven AM (yeah, yeah, yeah).

What the fuck am i doing with my life?

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And another, which I'll admit I haven't actually released into the wild, even though I am very tempted to do so in one of my less intuitive classes: / / Dear maintainer: / / Once you are done trying to 'optimize' this routine, / and.