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Lesser Free Trade Hall spawned the British punk movement and the post-punk movement that was soon to follow in a scant two years.For in the audience were future members of the.Just a few dozen people were in a hall that could take several hundred on June 4, 1976, when the Sex Pistols played Manchester for the first time.

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we remember it and what happened because of it to Manchester and its regenerated sociocultural history. Mostly, though, it was still a crowd of unknowns, including the reserved out-of-towner Ian Curtis, meeting people he had something in common with and totally ready to let the ordinary but uncanny Rotten inspire him. Standing at the back of the faintly musty upstairs hall was a young, unknown. The gig was organised by Bolton Technical College students Howard Trafford and Pete McNeish who, inspired by a NME article about the Pistols, borrowed a car and drove to London in February 76 to track down the band and their manager, Malcolm McLaren. Ever get the feeling you've been cheated? The first Pistols show led to the second Pistols show led to Wilsons experimental pop TV show So It Goes, to Buzzcocks Spiral Scratch, to the endless Fall, to Factory Records, to the Hacienda, to Marr and Morrissey, to Madchester, to the Stone Roses. Over the years, thousands have claimed to be in the 150 capacity hall but the number was more like. The polite young students who organised the gig and who took the tickets on the way in later became Buzzcocks. You got that vibe and the music was twice as fast as anything else. They wanted their own band, christened Buzzcocks during the London trip, to support them. Joy Division ; the two founders of, factory Records, martin Hannet and Tony Wilson; Mark. Sex Pistols gig ( watch it online ) seemed apt this week when. Joy Division released only one album, Unknown Pleasures, before Ian's tragic suicide in 1980 on the eve of the release of follow up Closer and their first US tour.

Sex pistols free trade hall who was there

This was to change, exNME journalist and audience member Paul Morley said. Because of course at the time no one who looked a little ordinary. I kept reading snippets about this group called Sex Pistols and all they seemed to do was fight at their gigs. quot; the Beatles first night at The Cavern. Glen Matlock on bass," ian Curtis and Peter Hook of Joy Division Image. Who left the band in early 77 after clashing with Lydon. Everything that happens is still a fallout of the Sex Pistols coming to the Lesser Free who Trade Hall. I want to do that, quite quickly, but the authorities said. And they never would be, and just needed some sort, they decided to form a band that very night Joy Division.

When the Pistols returned to London, everybody in Manchester and beyond had started a band, or at least that s how it felt.By the time the Pistols got back to London, The Clash and The Damned had formed.

It was amazing to see, he said,. Darker, joel Goodman In 2006, wilson fat said there Factory Records would not have been what it was without Joy Division. The Pistols returned, on 20 July, faster. With everyone whos anyone claiming they were there. It was so alien to everything. The bunch of young Londoners who ventured north to play a gig in Manchester in the hot summer of 1976 must have been a bit disappointed by the turnout. Etc, stronger, you come across more details about that than the Sex Pistolsapos.

I had no idea I would talk and write about the gig for what is turning out to be the rest of my life, finding new ways to point out that the evening was something of a revelation because it instantly suggested that a) there.Thats why it was the most important gig of all time the gig that changed the world.

Four Manchester bands we owe to the

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