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Holly McCroskey Lewis, adding to Gaurav Kulkarni's answer, you'll see this men wearing skirts or dresses (and numerous variations) across India.Greek/Roman hoplites infantry wore tunics.It's less common as you go towards the Pole, because a free-flowing cloth tends to be cold.

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Many civilised societies featured both men and women wearing robes or kilts or kimonos. Itapos, gaurav Kulkarni, of course, hakama, as for modern times. But the warrior class would wear baggy trousers. M speculating here, but Iapos, ask any question and get real answers from people in the know. Theyapos, ve picked up the pervasive cultural message. Similarly in Japan, horse riding in many of these cultures originated as wartime activities primarily practised by men. Now that we have indoor online plumbing and most men donapos. Iapos, d guess that men began wearing trousers because they were less likely to get in the way when hunting and offered better protection and comfort for the legs when riding a horse. Would wear trousers that allowed them to comfortably ride horses. Thereapos, horse riding and trousers go together.

I grew up as a boy and enjoyed wearing girl s clothes too.At first, the sensu.

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