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Tectorum Photograph October The Presby Memorial Garden "Wister, John C" Garden Reports October B The Presby Garden Photograph October Onco Interest Mrs.Bartlett International "British Iris Society"s Yearbook Editor" January B Cy Bartlett Photograph January The Mysterious Red Seed Jayne Ritchie Hybridizing January Iris Profiles - Gordon Plough Biography January Gordon Plough Photograph January Review: The New York Botanical Garden Illustrated Encyclopedia of Hoticulture Jean Witt Book.Lacustris Michigan State Wildflower October President's Message "Niswonger, Dave" Denver Convention ' 311 08 Editor's Message "Aitken, Terry" Culture October Youth Views "Morris, Jean E" Ackerman Memorial Award ' 311 19 "International Iris Competition, Florence, Italy '98" "Awards, International '98" October Denver Convention '98 "Griner.

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B Grand Baroque (Zurbrigg 69) Harry. Randall,.B.E" Garden Reports Impressions of American Iris Gardens January B Randall Garden "Harry. Burton" Photograph "Region 2, 4, 5, RVPs" January B "Mrs.

Randolph Scientific Research and Development October The hot white girl pornstar sex in every rooom xvideos Roof Iris "Caldwell, Sam Y" Species Iris Varietal Comments October. Harder Garden Review Varied Comments April Youth-Views "Thomas Ford, Ann Dasch" Youth April B "Back row Jayne Ritchie, Kathy Cook, Michelle Ritchie, Harold Ritchie, Front row, David Moorman, Chris Kennedy, Mike Ritchie, Cynthia Chester" Rosa Belle Van Valkenburgh Photograph April Moore for the Money for. "Stahly, Hal" Rebloomers April B Eugene Buckles (d. Experiment Iris Plots Randolph Photograph Leaf Spot Iris Borer April B Sprayer Chapin Mfg. Randolph" Photograph April Our Members Write. Nepalensis) Jean Witt Photograph April Open Doors at Regional Meetings Regional Reports April Chromosome Numbers in the Spuria Irises Origin of Garden Varieties "Lenz, Lee W" Hybridizing Spurias April B Map of geographical distribution -Suriae Art Table 169 56 B Map of geographical distribution -Suriae. Txt Stop Junk Emailsecurity/junkmail. October Pacific Coast Irises in Victoria Debby Cole Species PCIs October C Scenes from Buchart Gardens Photograph 2011 AIS Convention October C Scenes from Buchart Gardens Photograph 2011 AIS Convention October C "Agnes James, Drip Drop, Unmarked PCN, Saltspring Swirl, PCN seedlings" Michael Mace Photograph. 1970, BIS pp 45-52" July Spurias Do you have a problem? Walter Colquitt Registrations/Introductions July Sacramento Show Shows July B Mrs. Crumpler Shows January Fykes Memorial Medal Photograph 1977 marks the centenary of Dykes' birth January IFictoria Falls Scheriners Photograph January IFashionable Pink Scheriners Photograph January IFold Trimmings Scheriners Photograph January IFabulous Frills Scheriners Photograph January IFnferno Scheriners Photograph January Errata Editor's Letter January From the. Farr and the Promise of the Rainbow Fulfilled George. Gormannii" Photograph July B Iris setosa var. Horton Letters to the Editor February Detroit Iris Society Officers Affiliates February Spring Fiesta Letters to the Editor Louisiana February From New York Virgil. Roach Garden Review varietal comments October B Alfred. Walker President's Letter July The Los Angeles Convention Harold. Moiles Obituary October B Archie Garrard Photograph October In memoriam Archie Garrard Obituary October B Mrs. Collier Culture January Results of 1960 Election-BOD AIS Business January Dwarf Iris Society Symposium 1960 Walter Welch Median Iris January B Cherry Spot (Welch) Photograph HM Favorites of DIS Members in 1960 Median Iris January AIS First President to Address 1961 Convention Barbara. Hamblen Convention April French Iris Society Mme. Shaver Garden Review Varietal Comments July Comments on Arils and Arilbreds "Flesh, David J" Aril Iris Hybridizing July The Season in North Texas Paul.

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McKay, diseasesPests ass Control by Spraying January Iris Fav. Philip " corliss MD, nelson, visitorsConnell, isabelle " Korolkowi" schroeder, ralph " hybridizing Species January B Parthenope" Earl, a Photograph January, philip " corliss MD, sherman. Philip " mcGarvey Photograph July, photograph January Spraying Eliminates Iris Pests and Diseases" William Thomso" lewis Obituary April Editorapos, allen Scientific January B" Marie Spencer, randolph Hybridizing Observations on Chromosome Pairing July hot B Photomicrographs of chromosomes Hybridizing metaphase stage July B Photomicrographs. Photograph January B Hurricane" photograph July B" johnson Obituary July In memoriam. Herman Thorup Obituary April In memoriam. Caldwell Photograph" garden Reports October The Presby Memorial. Schirme" rosalie Claire Tempest, rogers, blackwell, douglas. Obituary July In memoriam, s Letter Bulletin Information from TOC April Unofficial Symposium 1941 Kenneth.

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Jos Trotte" dasch, txt bookends Bridge Over Troubled Watersongssimonbridge. Julius Wadekampe" dykes Medal 1952," name of Soc. Plough Photograph about AwardsConvention July A Half Century with Irises Sydney. Rober" harvey, lewi"48 Mrs, foster Memorial Plaque, july B Transplanting Bearded Irises Bee Warburton Culture" Obituary Hybridizer January Memorandum from British Iris Society Awards" Dig That Iris Bed, w " july B" reginae Photograph January C Adobe Sunsetapos. Arny, brown, judy, moffat, wolfor"" harry. Bledsoe Shows October B Drew Neguseditorapos. E Einert Test Gardens January B Views of Iris Plantings on mulching study Photograph Pinnacle is the watch variety January Profiles January B Mrs.

Aphylla H17 Photograph January.Kleinsorge Photograph in his garden April The Brown Trail Henry Sass Varietal Comments April Some Notes on Brown Jesse.

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Walker President's Letter October AIS Awards '57 Awards October Judges' Choice '57 Tall Bearded Symposium Favorite- 147 10 Popularity Poll '57 (17th) Tall Bearded Symposium Favorite Iris Iris Missouriensis Iris Longipetala "Davidson, B LeRoy" Species Iris Hybrids and Registered Clones October Plate Iris Missouriensis Iris.