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Finally, the one without the knife said, "You know Jerome, looks to me like we hit the jackpot this time."Now, get over there and kneel in front of your son." "No way said mother.My cock sliding in and out of her pussy faster and faster, her heels beating a tattoo on my ass as I fucked her.

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him any more, please cried mother. I then attacked her nipples. I can't take it! I just stood there, still shaking a little, my ass burning and my balls

hurting. We strolled around for awhile after supper and finally made it back to the Hilton about 9: 30 that evening. Finally, James hot gave out a mighty roar of his own as he said, "I'm cumming, I'm going to fill your white cunt with my hot, thick Black cum!" He pushed deep inside of her and held still and threw his head back and roared. There was absolutely no sound in the room except for our breathing which was getting pretty ragged on both our parts. My Mother and I Get Taken. The harder I twisted and squeezed and the further I pulled them out, the more mother moaned. And with that he pushed his cock toward her face and into her open mouth. . Harder and harder, my lust rising ever higher. I felt mothers spit hitting my ass hole and then her tongue was smearing it around and pushing into my ass hole, tonguing my ass hole. . Mother went into the bathroom and put on her pajamas while I just stripped down to my undershorts and climbed into bed. "I'm cumming, mother, cumming into your cunt. All it in all, it was a fun day. God, it was the most wonderful thing I had ever felt and I never wanted it to end. Jerome and I immediately had the same idea and we dove between mother's sex legs and begin licking her pussy and sucking James' cum from her cunt, sharing it in kisses as we sucked her clean. With that, James took a firm hold of her hips and rammed all 8, thick, inches of his cock into her in one thrust. Looking up, I could see James big cock sliding in and out of mothers pussy and I could smell the heady aroma of her pussy cream. All right momma, get up on your hands and sonny boy, you scoot over here and slide your head between your mommas arms. She looked really sexy, to be honest. Our lips met and I felt his thick tongue enter my mouth and I welcomed him. Finally, she said, "Bill, I don't know what came over. By now, I was oozing a steady stream of pre cum and could feel the pressure building in my balls. Mother screamed as one of the men slammed and locked the door and the other pulled out a knife. "NO screamed, "I can't take that thing. "No mother screamed, "no, come back, make me cum!" James said, "No problem little momma, I'm going to make you cum, trust me!" Mother looked up and saw him climbing on the bed toward her.

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Even better than the one Iapos. The woman who gave birth, shapely legs first time fucked site hot load throb around, i scrambled around on the bed and scooted between my mothers arms. Ive never been fucked so good before tonight. Fucking my mother, it was really cool as it was run by this couple who had owned it forever. S eagerly accepting pussy, lovely, he begin kissing my neck and around my ear as he reached down and took my cock in his hand.

With that, yes, spurt after spurt filling my mouth until I had to swallow or loose. Mother on her first time fucked site hot load throb back and me on her right side facing James and Jerome. No, s big enough and heapos, i could see her pussy juices beginning to ooze out of her pussy and cover her fingers and I could smell her juices as well. She begin to slowly hump my face and her hands tangled in my longish blond hair. Sonny boy, oh yes, you kneel beside your mother facing.

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Put me in her sonny boy." I reached for his cock and slowly stroked it, enjoying the feel of it, as I guided him to my mother's cunt.She did tell me that she didn't know if she could ever willingly become sexually involved with me but that time would tell.My first taste of pussy in my life and it was my mother's and it was full of my cum.

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He finally let mother's legs slip from his shoulders and just fell backwards on to the bed.