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Here s The Complete List Of Men Accused

Mark Schwahn, showrunner on One Tree Hill, has been accused of sexual harassment by several members of the cast and crew of that show, according to Variety.DC Entertainment has since fired Berganza.

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now-retired public radio icon, has been accused of sexual harassment by several female colleagues, as well as a guest of his radio show, Suki Kim, according to a

report Kim wrote for New York Magazines The Cut. An expectation has begun to creep into the atmosphere that if a powerful man has ever created a toxic environment for others, he will be found out and exposed. "Now will always be sex positive and shameless in our support for sexual choice and the rights of sex workers Klein wrote. Sizemore has declined to comment. He announced the decision as The Hollywood Reporter prepared to publish a story in which several former and current colleagues allege that Lasseter engaged in a pattern of sexual harassment. Produced by, wNYC Studios. The allegation emerged in a Medium post penned by Edwards. Andrew Kramer, the Lionsgate executive, has been accused of sexual harassment by a former assistant, according to Vulture. One longtime Pixar employee claims that Lasseter was known for grabbing, kissing, making comments about physical attributes. He has since denied the accusations and parted ways with the show. Kevin Spacey, the star of Netflixs House of Cards, has been accused by actor Anthony Rapp of making unwanted sexual advances when Rapp was 14 years old, according to BuzzFeed. "Denying sex workers their right to advertise when few publications would allow it was not an option for us Klein continued. James Levine, legendary Metropolitan Opera conductor, has been accused of molesting a teenage boy for a period of years in the 1980s, according to the New York Post. Matt Mondanile, the former guitarist for the band Real Estate, has been accused by several women of sexual misconduct, according to spin. Tyler Grasham, the Hollywood agent, has been accused of sexual assault and sodomy by actor Tyler Cornell, who has also filed a police report, according to Variety. Glenn Thrush, a star political reporter for The New York Times, has been accused of inappropriate behavior by several younger female reporters, according to Vox. Leon Wieseltier, formerly an editor at The New Republic, has been accused by several female colleagues of sexual harassment, according to the New York Times. "But this week marks a change for how we do that in our print publication.". They allege he made lewd phone calls, groped them, and walked around naked in front of them. Dreyfuss has since denied exposing himself to Teich, but confirms that he did try to kiss her and seduce her in a manner he now regrets. Piven has denied the allegations. Grasham has since been fired by his agency, name ACA. Matthew Weiner, the writer and director most known for creating the show Mad Men, has been accused of sexual harassment by former Mad Men writer Kater Gordon, according to The Information. Nick Carter, member of the Backstreet Boys, has been accused of sexual assault by Melissa Schuman, a singer from the pop band Dream. Broadcast live from the Nourse Theater in San Francisco. Jesse Lacy, frontman for the band Brand New, has been accused of sexual misconduct by a minor 15 years ago, soliciting nude photographs from a woman who was 15 when Lacy was 24, according to NME. Just over two months later, its become clear that the status quo is no longer the status quo. Tom Sizemore, star of such films as Saving Private Ryan, has been accused of molesting an 11-year old girl on the set of a film in 2003, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Through a representative, Stallone denies any wrongdoing. Andy Signore, creator of Screen Junkies and the popular Honest Trailers series, has been accused of sexual harassment by at least five women, according to Variety. Program audio, on Thursday, October 27th at 7pm, Kamau Right Now! These men are losing their jobs, being banned from future opportunities, and in some cases, legal action will almost certainly be forthcoming. Update: Schwahn has since been accused of sexual harassment by several members of the cast and crew of The Royals, where Schwahn had been serving as showrunner until recently. Sylvester Stallone, the actor and director most famous for creating the character Rocky Balboa, has been accused of sexually assaulting a minor in 1986, according to The Daily Mail.

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The top editor for the National Enquirer. Founder of Rolling Stone, fast Company began tallying this list on November 1st. Us Weekly and other major gossip publications. Barth is now ready to press charges. When the employee was 28, the staffer do girls like being pounded during sex complained that Matthews made inappropriate comments and jokes about her in front of other people.

Jessi Klein, according to the Guardian, and Netflix has since suspended production on the sixth season of sex House of Cards. A Weinstein representative has since denied the charge. Spacey released a statement claiming he was drunk and did not remember the encounter. Oliver Stone has been accused by actress Carrie Stevens of groping her at a party once. Israel Horovitz, a veteran playwright, ben Affleck has been accused of groping actress Hilarie Burton on the set of MTVs TRL in the early2000s.

Robert Scoble, the veteran tech blogger who has worked with Fast Company before, has been accused of sexual assault and also misconduct, according to The Verge.Wiesel passed away in 2016 and is thus unable to confirm or deny the account.

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More and more women and in some cases, men feel newly emboldened by the courage of Weinsteins accusers to tell stories they once may have thought would fall on deaf ears.