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Webinar Pro covers you from 30 to 2000 attendees.Zoom, zoom, like many of the other options here, is a web conferencing tool that offers free and paid plans.But, Google Hangouts requires that all participants be signed up with accounts on the Google social network, and a multi-party video chat on Skype requires Skype Premium access, which comes at a cost.

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really like the option to present slides without sharing my full screen. The free account with Zoom has some pretty great features, including conferences that allow up to 100

participants, unlimited one-on-one conferences, video and audio conferencing, and even group collaboration features such as whiteboarding and screen sharing. This doesnt need to happen, though, as there is a variety of free web conferencing software available - and while its true that many are anytime meeting free download missing vital functionality or only have limited trial periods available, there are some tools that are as good as their subscription. But perhaps its most useful feature is the ability to control the quality of the meeting - great for when you want to save bandwidth, for example. Works with WiFi and 4G/LTE Networks. Participate in a video conference meeting with up to 6 HD webcams and 30 meeting attendees. Pricing Features, learn More. As it is ad-based, you will have to put up with some minimum advertising in order to use this tool, but it is not intrusive for the hosts or attendees. Allowing an unlimited number of meeting participants at a time (with paid subscription Mikogo has all of the essential features that make for a useful online meeting tool. Features include meeting recording, switching between presenters and the ability to pause screen sharing (great when you need to open a document in a private folder, for example). AnyMeeting still stresses, though, that registration is free and encourages users to join the 120,000 other registered users to gain access to all of the features and capabilities AnyMeeting has to offer. If youve ever hosted an online meeting or webinar, youre probably familiar with the costs involved and the hoops you have to typically jump through. There are other options available-at least for smaller meetings. There is no client software to download and install in order to join an AnyMeeting session. There is still no software for participants to download, and the host does not need to register or provide any credit card details to use the service. So, no last minute scrambling to join the meeting, and no software to uninstall when the meeting is over. Its greatest feature is that it allows for up to 20 participants at a time, and while its not specifically made for business (they do have a paid business offering I found it to be reliable and easy to use. You can send out email invitations with the online meeting details, open a presentation to share, and get the meeting started.

So even those behind a firewall should be able to attend meetings on AnyMeeting. And no software to downloadit doesnapos. AnyMeeting allowed us to pull off a very professional webinar. Its great for communicating with both clients and prospects. Video conferencing, meeting Pro covers you from. Very quickly, if its a video conference software youre after.

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So you can let your business contacts name know about your planned video conference easily. Conduct highly collaborative sessions with your clients. You short can even sell tickets and make money hosting an AnyMeeting webinar. AnyMeeting delivers its online meeting platform as an adsupported softwareasaservice SaaS.

Having tried both GoToWebinar and, we went with AnyMeeting for our webinars because their platform has the right balance of affordability and webinar functionality.AnyMeeting has a different approach, though, that you may find appealing.

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In a review of group video chat options, PCWorld found that Google Hangouts and AnyMeeting were the winners.