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Donna called out of the blue and for reason canceled the Prom date.As much as Steffie wanted to give in to the pleasure throw caution to the wind and have Paul take her right then and there and make hot sweet monkey love, her common sense side kicked in and she came to her senses.Steffie would take her hand, find Pauls cock, guide it into her eagerly waiting pussy and fuck him right there, riding him hot and heavy.

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and had their picture made together. Paul and Steffie thought nothing about seeing each other naked, kissing one another on the lips, cuddling together naked on the couch as

they watched a movie, teacher showering together, or even sleeping together naked. She would unfasten and remove Pauls tuxedo pants and underwear then remove his tux shirt and t-shirt, leaving him only his socks. If I had a mom half as cool as yours and just as hot, I would wanna do her too. The last thing I know was standing behind you, you had just sprayed some kind of perfume on yourself and the rest was a fog until I found myself in download the shower getting peppered by frigid ice cold water. The naked couple moves to the floor, where he just keeps pounding her pussy in an incredible rough hardcore sex extravaganza! Steffie sat Paul on the couch, put her bra and dress back on reached into the bag and pulled out a CD of hypnotic dance music. As much as it pained her to do it, Steffie felt she had no other choice. At age 18, Paul Worthington had it all and was the envy of all his classmates at his high school in the upscale area of Holmby Hills in Los Angeles, one of the richest neighborhoods in California. He just let people think what they wanted to and enjoyed seeing people green with envy. As mentioned above Steffies dress looked more like a negligee than a dress. I am so glad you are going with the prom to me, Paul said I should have asked you in the first place and none of this stuff with Donna would have happened. The two girls that turns sucking and stroking her stepbrothers hard cock and one of them, a sexy brunette, takes her face in her hands and rams her silky tongue down her throat so she can taste her stepbrothers dick, balls and precum mixed.

Steffie would grind her sweet cunt against Pauls growing bulging throbbing rigid hard cock as porn they passionately kissed and their bodies rubbed together. And with that Paul and Steffie walked into the club The limo driver just looked at them with a wry smile and the. The name is Worthington, walking in with the hottest woman fucks in all. Together they would exit the limo and Steffie would hand the driver a CNote and said You know what to do hon. He lifts her other leg and fucks her cradled in his arms.

Porn girl fucks prom date in front of dad

Also, she cant even begin to hold a candle to you. He did his best to let it go but still the pain and hurt from this mornings rejection was still there and Paul korn shut the fuck up get up site got quiet and sullen. Steffie and Paul danced most every dance and then they saw Donna when was with her date. Paul would come up behind her and he was naked as well and he put his arms around her waist and hugged her.

Steffie stripped down to just her panties and put on her waist length white lace robe which she left open and Paul stripped to his boxers and they both cuddled on the couch and that is when the shit would hit the fan.Steffie packed a back pack where she put Paul another pair of pants and shirt to go dancing in and put her party dress, shoes and lingerie.Paul would forcefully kiss Steffie and Steffie did not try to fight it but submitted herself to Paul and allowed him to have his way with her.

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Paul couldnt help himself, the perfume had an intense bewitching effect on him and he began kissing and softly nibbling the back and sides of Steffies neck, something he hadnt done before.